Grace Community Church is a nondenominational congregation of believers on the Lord Jesus Christ, who rejoice in simply worshiping God in Spirit and in truth.

We invite you to come and enjoy with us the presence of the Lord, the preaching of the word, and the moving of the Holy Spirit.

The “Sermons” page has audio files you can listen to online or download to your computer and listen to at your leisure. You can also copy the podcast address and paste it into your favorite media player. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Note to those who attend our church: Please don’t forget to check into the “Members” pages to see announcements. Also, please visit and use our “Prayer Requests” page. Even if you asked for prayer publicly, some may not have heard your request.

May God bless you!


Greg Gravitt, pastor

Service Times

Please come and enjoy the presence of the Lord, the preaching of the word, and the moving of the Holy Spirit with us.
Sunday Morning  10:00 AM
We have Sunday school and our preaching service simultaneously.  Come for an 11:00 service, and you will get in on about 5-10 minutes of our meeting!
Sunday Night  6:00 PM (Youth Service) , 7:00 PM (Sermon and Worship Service)
We have a church dinner on the 5th Sunday of any month having five Sundays. On these Sundays we have an afternoon service and NO evening service.
Wednesday Night Bible Study  7:15 PM
Friday Night Prayer Meeting  7:15 PM
If you are more than about twenty minutes late, it would be appreciated if you entered from the front entrance on Market Street in order to avoid disrupting the service. Thank you!


Lessons From Ephesians