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An offering is received once a week, on Sunday mornings. On the first Sunday of each month, the offering is set aside for the pastor. This is his sole financial compensation; there is no set, pre-arranged salary for the pastor. Offerings are counted in the presence of all those who took up the offering, and are deposited by another person after that person has re-counted it.  The person who deposits the offerings also keeps the church books and pays all bills, and then a different person reviews and enters all transactions into a computer and prepares our financial reports. Every effort is made to maintain financial checks and balances.

Church funds are administered by the board. Ordinary matters such as paying bills are carried out by a church member who is appointed by the board, in agreement with the pastor, to act in that capacity.

The pastor does not sign church checks. This is by his choice and request. He feels it is best if it is very clear that he does not have independent access to church funds. He does have the use of a church credit card for purchases on behalf of the church. No personal purchase are to be made with this credit card. The pastor provides receipts for such purchases as are made by him using the church credit card, in order to maintain full accountability.

An annual financial report is produced at the end of the year, and is made available for review by any and all who attend the church. The amount of the pastor’s income is not included in that report. In the interest of openness, that information will be made available to almost anyone with a desire to know what is being given to the pastor.