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Grace Community Church is a nondenominational congregation of believers on the Lord Jesus Christ, who rejoice in simply worshiping God in Spirit and in truth.

These days people want to know what to expect when they are looking at a church. “How should I dress?” “What is the music like?” “How long is the service?” Etc. I’ll answer those three questions in order.

When I look out at the congregation, I see men wearing jeans and tee shirts, and I see men wearing suits and ties. I see women likewise dressed casually and semi-formally. We do not have a dress code. However, please remember that you will be coming to worship God; give at least a little consideration to what is appropriate. I understand that social customs change and that as Christians we must not focus on old ways of dressing and doing things as being automatically the only right way. However, just because the world around us seems to have lost its sense of values and modesty does not mean that we should blindly accept what society is doing or what society is wearing.

Our music is fairly traditional. Instrumental music is provided by a piano, an organ, a cello, two viola, two violins, and a clarinet. We have a budding bass player and a percussionist who will most likely soon join the band. And a couple of trumpeters who I hope will join in. We do sing choruseson Sunday evenings. Also, we are in the process of getting our video system into full use; at this point we are not putting song lyrics on screen in all services, but we are working toward that.

The average service will run between an hour and an hour and fifteen minutes. Our Friday evening prayer meeting is sometimes a bit shorter than that; prayer time is open-ended.

Also, expect the people in our congregation to be friendly. If you arrive early enough, people will come up to you, greet you, welcome you, etc. Expect the same after the service is over. God loves people. So should we—and we do.

What you should expect along other lines is rather more important.

Our entire emphasis is on the clear teaching of God’s word, the Bible. That emphasis leads us to a better understanding of what God has done for us already and what He desires to do for us going forward. Because the Bible bears witness of Christ Jesus, it leads us to a closer relationship with Him. And these things lead us to a deeper and fuller worship of God.

We believe that being filled with the Holy Spirit is a second definite work of God in the life of individuals who have accepted Christ as their Savior, and who are willing to seek Him for more of His will and receive what He has promised. When we pray and praise, we do so out loud. And sometimes rather loudly. Some who will cheer loudly at sporting events or concerts do not understand why people show the same kind of enthusiasm when they receive blessings from God and see His working among His people. However, loud praise is seen all through the scriptures, clear up to the time that God’s people are gathered together in heaven, as seen in the book of Revelation. It is appropriate. It is not something that happens in all of our services, but do not be surprised if people begin to praise God openly when it is time to do so.

Come expecting to be blessed and to receive from the Lord, and that is exactly what will happen!

We look forward to your visit. If you would like more information, check out the pages under “About Us”. If you want even more, then please go to the “Contact Us” page.

Greg Gravitt, pastor